About us

Bienvenue! Welcome to La French Board, we are so happy you stopped by! We are Antony, Michelle, Mia, and Milan, the faces behind this little family operation. Antony, the mastermind and creator of our beautiful boards, Michelle and Mia, running all the backend stuff from A-Z, and Milan, well, lets just say she sits back and "participates" at her leisure... typical 13 year old!

Let's first talk about the birth of La French Board and then I'll tell you how each board got its unique name. Antony, a French native, born in Aix-en-Provence, France, is as mentioned earlier, the mastermind and creator of these gorgeous boards. The idea sparked in the later months of 2022, when we started looking for a home, specifically a fixer-upper since we were so interested in DIY projects. One thing led to another and Antony began hand-crafting various pieces of furniture for his friends and family, then went on to crafting charcuterie boards, serving boards, and chopping blocks. They were all just so beautiful, we thought "how could we not share these"? And then, Viola! there you have it, the birth of La French Board.

You'll notice that all our boards have a name and belong to a specific collection. Every piece of unfinished wood, has its own story to tell, simply by just observing the colors, grains, lines, and shapes, to the imperfect surface and edges. We named our boards, as a way to tell you the story about us...from the music we love, hence, our 'Hendrix Board', 'The Folsom Board', 'The Angie', etc. to 'The Heights Collection', representing the streets and park that brought La French Board to life. We also threw in some "French Humor", with our 'Guillotine Collection' nicknames.

We hope you love and enjoy our boards, as much as we love creating them!